Before & After Veneers
Veneers are the ultimate in smile makeovers. Your smile is rejuvenated or reinvented using a thin layer of porcelain. Veneers can be used to correct everything from small issues with one or two teeth up to a complete smile makeover laminating all visible teeth! Imagine completely starting from scratch and building your smile the way you want it! In addition, we do veneers while you wait using CEREC 3D technology. That means no temporaries! In just a few hours your smile can be professionally and permanently remade!

Before & After Whitening
teeth whitening
Tooth whitening really does work! For those patients who do not have existing bonding or crowns on their front teeth, whitening will noticeably change your teeth! We offer in-office bleaching (Zoom!) as well as take-home bleaching kits with custom-made trays (Nite White).

Before & After Bonded Fillings
Bonded Fillings
Whether you have decay or just want to replace those old silver fillings, we only use tooth-colored fillings such as composite-resin bonded fillings (above). We do not place mercury-silver fillings. As you can see, the fillings disappear and can hardly be noticed!

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