Digital Dentistry - Cerec3?
Cerec3 is an advanced computer system that allows dentists to make crowns, onlays and veneers while the patient waits. The appointment is usually about 90 minutes. There is no gooey impression, no two-week wait and no temporaries! In addition, the ceramic material used by Cerec3 is among the longest-wearing and esthetic materials known to man. Sounds too good to be true? Well it's not! Here's how it works:

Modern bonding techniques allow Dr. Fink to conserve more tooth structure than older techniques. After a conservative preparation, Dr. Fink takes a picture of the tooth with a special camera. This photo is actually a pin-sharp digital 'map' of the tooth. The design program works from this map and allows Dr. Fink to design the new tooth in three dimensions before the patient's eyes!

Then a computer aided milling unit creates the new restoration from a ceramic block that matches the patient's tooth color. Sometimes additional staining and glazing is used. Finally, Dr. Fink bonds the finished restoration to the tooth using a bonding agent that is stronger than the tooth itself!

What can Cerec3 do?

  • Any single-tooth restoration. That includes crowns, onlays and veneers.
Why would I go to a Cerec3 dentist?
  • No gooey impression
  • One visit saves time
  • Restoration is natural-looking
  • Ceramic material is high-grade, biocompatible and plaque resistant
  • Ceramic restoration is bonded to the tooth
  • More healthy tooth structure can be preserved compared to traditional metal crowns

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